In the first year, students learn basic subjects, required subjects in the major they selected at entry, required subjects in their sub-major, human and social science studies, and basic English for green energy science and technology, while starting their own research under the guidance of the committee of advisors.

In the second year, all students are required to have job experience through a long-term internship. By the middle of the second year, the first qualifying examination is held to go on to the last 3 years of the doctoral program. Those who wish to complete only the first 2 years of the program to earn a Master’s degree are required to write and present a thesis, and then are granted a Master of Engineering degree, if they pass.

When entering into the last 3 years of the program, students are given a chance to re-plan their major and sub-major. They focus on applied subjects and research in their specialized field, study at an overseas collaborating institute on a long-term basis, and operate a student-initiated international workshop and summer seminar. Through preparing a doctoral thesis, which is required to be written completely in English, and through defending the thesis before a faculty committee, students acquire strong English communication and academic writing skills.

Curriculum (First 2 years)
Curriculum (Last 3 years)